In the past, I have worked on many, many side projects, including programming projects and writing. I thoroughly enjoy learning, so that is what I am currently focused on.


Here's a list of what I'm working on right now. I tend to dabble in a lot of things, so it can be hard to keep track. As such, this list may be a little outdated.

  • My Blog, though it's not as active as I'd like.
  • Bach Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major.
  • Learning Koine (Biblical) Greek.
  • Learning how to do car maintenance.


Many of my previous projects are long dead, mostly because I've moved on to other—more useful, I hope—things and because there was never any demand for them. I currently have an offline archive of all of my old projects, but they aren't available online at the present moment because I just completed a large server migration. I assure you though, there's nothing generally useful in my archive.

There are a few old projects of mine that I was particularly proud of at the time, and in hindsight, I still am proud of them, even though they are no longer maintained:

  • SwerveIO: An open-source swerve drive library written in Java for FRC. It focused on correctness, portability, and modularity, and is still by far the best swerve drive library I've ever come across for FRC. Also worth mentioning is JLimelight, a simple Java wrapper API for the vision processing unit we used.
  • A professional-quality typesetting of a composition by my high school orchestra teacher when she was in high school. This piece was an orchestra arrangement of an old song that she particularly liked. It hadn't been performed for decades until I found the original manuscript and offered to typeset it.

If you're interested in any of my old projects, don't hesitate to contact me I'd be more than happy to hand off any of the source code and explain it.