Jordan Bancino

To contact me, please fill out the Contact Form and provide an email address or phone number. This is a Resumé, an abbreviated version of my Cirriculum Vitae.


  • Computer Science B.S. (Expected May 2025)
    With Mathematics Minor & focus in Applied Cello.
    Grand Valley State University — Allendale, MI
    GPA: 3.997 (with honors)

Professional Experience

  • PHP & SQL Developer (2022-Present)
    Shoreline Container & Packaging — Holland, MI
    • Building production web software with PHP, Apache, Ubuntu, and Microsoft Transact-SQL.
    • Developing custom business reporting tools and providing user-friendly front-ends to them.
    • Solving complex business problems by writing code to automate company tasks, including generating PDF reports, printing labels, and more.
    • Updating legacy PHP code to the latest libraries and style standards.
  • Junior DevOps Engineer (2022)
    Elite Metal Tools — Holland, MI
    • Maintained customer-facing website with PHP, Drupal, and Docker.
    • Designed and deployed scalable network applications, including databases, web servers, PHP runners, and more.
    • Managed Azure Active Directory and automated tasks with Windows PowerShell.

Technical Skills

  • Networking: Proficient in computer networking. I have a strong understanding of TCP, VLANs, routing, and firewalls.
  • Programming: Expert in C, PHP, SQL, Linux shell, and more. Familiar with HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Python, Perl, and more. Able to quickly learn new languages.
  • System Administration: Expert in Linux and BSD operating systems including FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Good understanding of general administration and programming interfaces. Experience with a broad range of server software running on these platforms, including web and email servers.


  • Home Lab: I self-host my entire online presence on my own hardware, including my website, email, and other online services such as notes, calendars, tasks, and file storage. I also manage my home network with a Linux router and firewall.
  • Open Source: I am the head developer on a large and ambitious open-source project that is written in C and aims to be a standards-compliant realtime distributed database commonly used for instant chat.
  • Ancient Greek: I am learning a new language, and have found that this is teaching me a lot about English as well.
  • Additional: See my Projects page for more current and past projects.