Software Developer. Systems Administrator. I.T. Consultant.

I am currently a professional software developer, but I also do contract work involving systems administration and I.T. infrastructure. I have had great success automating data processing tasks for multiple small organizations.

If you may benefit from my services please don't hesitate to contact me. Do feel free to also review my Resumé and CV. My services include:

  • Websites: Want a simple website, but don't even know where to start? I can provide consulting and handle all of the technical details of getting a website up and running. Or, if you already have a website but need help maintaining it, I can probably help.
  • Private & Secure Online Services: I self-host my email, file storage, and contacts/calendars/tasks syncing. If you value your privacy and want to do something to preserve it, I can do the same for you on your own hardware or on a VPS in the cloud.
  • Automation: If you need a script or web tool to automate a repetitive task, I can write code and set up the necessary infrastructure. I specialize in data processing, and can automate tasks involving spreadsheets, or large amounts of files.
  • Web Scraping: I have a lot of experience scraping the web to download, process, and convert information. Whether it is downloading music from websites like, videos from YouTube, or extracting article text and metadata from a website, I can automate a variety of web scraping tasks.
  • I.T. Consulting: Aren't exactly sure what you need? I totally get it, some people just aren't very tech-saavy, and that's okay! I'm happy to bridge the gap between you and technology, whether that's providing consulting to help clarify and provide direction, or fulfill a technical need your or your small business/organization has.

Hosting services are billed monthly through Stripe, and automation tasks are provided for a one-time labor fee. Please contact me and let me know what your needs are so I can provide accurate and affordable pricing.