Jordan Bancino

To contact me, please fill out the Contact Form and provide an email address or phone number. This is a Cirriculum Vitae, a much more detailed version of my Resumé.


  • Computer Science B.S. (Expected 2025)
    Grand Valley State University — Allendale, MI
    GPA: 3.997 (with honors)
    • Electives in operating system design, compiler implementation, and computer architecture.
    • Minored in Mathematics, taking courses in linear algebra, graph theory, finite automata, formal language grammars, and more.
    • Principle cellist of the Symphony Orchestra.
    • Member of the Frederick Meijer Honor's College.
  • High School Diploma (2021)
    Wayland Union High School — Wayland, MI
    GPA: 4.199 (with honors)
    • Lead Java programmer for the school's robotics team. Implemented a totally custom yet fully-featured Swerve Drive library from scratch in over 5k lines of Java 11 code and also maintained a Maven repository and accompanying documentation for this library.
    • Taught a semester of Visual Basic.
    • Principle cellist of the school's string orchestra.
    • Principle cellist of the St. Cecelia Student Philharmonic in Grand Rapids, MI.

Professional Experience

  • PHP & SQL Developer (2022-Present)
    Shoreline Container & Packaging — Holland, MI
    • Building production web software with PHP, Apache, Ubuntu, and Microsoft Transact-SQL.
    • Developing custom business reporting tools and providing user-friendly front-ends to them.
    • Solving complex business problems by writing code to automate company tasks, including generating PDF reports, printing labels, and more.
    • Updating legacy PHP code to the latest libraries and style standards.
    • Automated tasks with Windows PowerShell, including AD domain profile migration and ERP software upgrades.
  • Junior DevOps Engineer (2022)
    Elite Metal Tools — Holland, MI
    • Maintained customer-facing website with PHP, Drupal, and Docker.
    • Wrote and maintained the company tech blog, where we wrote about the technologies we used and problems we solved.
    • Designed and deployed scalable network applications, including databases, web servers, PHP runners, and more.
    • Managed Azure Active Directory and automated tasks with Windows PowerShell, including tasks related to integrating a FreeBSD file server into Azure Active Directory.
  • I.T. Tier 2 Desktop Support (2021)
    Grand Valley State University — Allendale, MI
    • Provided general tech support and assistance to faculty and staff for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.
    • Specialized in hardware diagnostics and testing, inventory management, and equipment setup. Responsible for managing the I.T. warehouse, repairing equipment, and recycling computer components.
    • Utilized TeamDynamix ticketing software and Outlook for communication both internally and with end users. I was assigned between 5-10 tickets a day and was expected to complete them in a timely manner, communicating with management and end-users on a daily basis.
  • I.T Specialist & Software Developer (2018-2021)
    Digital Science Group — Wayland, MI
    • Processed documents using OCR data, including sorting and organizing and sorting documents with C, Java, and the Linux shell. Wrote numerous small programs, including single-use and long-term project programs to drastically reduce document and image processing time.
    • Wrote GIMP plugins to allow the application of certain filters to large amounts of images.
    • Developed and maintained commercial graphical document processing software in Java. This software provided the user to redact documents in bulk by defining templates of areas to redact and then applying this template to a directory of PDF documents.
    • Administered local servers and set up new office PCs, including Windows XP and Linux PCs. Installed and configured the office network and provided on-site tech support.

Technical Skills

  • Networking: Proficient in computer networking. I have a strong understanding of TCP, VLANs, routing, and firewalls.
  • Programming: Expert in C, PHP, SQL, Linux shell, and more. Familiar with Python, Perl, and more. Able to quickly learn new languages.
  • System Administration: Expert in Linux and BSD operating systems including FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Good understanding of general administration and programming interfaces. Experience with a broad range of server software running on these platforms, including web and email servers.
  • Ticketing & Office Software: I am proficient in Microsoft Office and understand how to use I.T. ticketing systems.
  • Desktop Operating Systems: I have used Windows, MacOS, Linux, and OpenBSD on the desktop, so I am familiar with all of the major operating systems in daily usage.
  • Tech Support: I've worked as an on-site tech for at least 5 years providing tech support to end users. I'm good with people and I know how to explain technology and related concepts to end users.