A Java library that wraps the Limelight API. This library was intended to be an easy replacement to the NetworkTables API.

Table Of Contents


Basic Usage

To include JLimelight in your robot project, you can either:

  1. Use the WPILib VSCode extension to install the vendor libraries. Go to your WPILib command palette, select "Manage Vendor Libraries" and install a new library using the "online" install method. Input the URL below.
  2. Download the vendor library JSON file located at the URL below, then drop it into your vendordeps folder.

Vendor dependency URL : https://maven.bancino.net/JLimelight.json

Usage of this library is simple, all you have to do is create a Limelight object whereever you create your subsystems. We typically do it right in our Robot.java, or we create a static Subsystems class.

import net.bancino.robotics.jlimelight.Limelight;
/* ... */

Limelight limelight = new Limelight();

Then you can access limelight methods such as:

if (limelight.hasValidTargets()) {
    double area = limelight.getTargetArea();

See, it's easy!

Make sure you check out the JavaDoc for complete usage. You can view the Javadoc here, or build it by running gradle javadoc and then reference build/docs/javadoc/index.html.