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    In my spare time, I work on a few side projects. Some are programming projects, including simple programs and libraries. Others involve automating tasks I perform frequently. I also do a lot of writing, although not all of my writing is public. Over the years, I've written a lot of stuff.


    I think these are the projects I'm currently working on. I dabble in a lot of things these days, so it is hard to keep track.

    Here are some projects that I consider “complete”—they're no longer under active development, but they're sufficiently complete to be useful, and I do still maintain them to keep them running smoothly as necessary:


    You can find a few of my previous projects here. You can safely assume that anything not mentioned in the previous section is totally dead, mostly because I've moved on to other stuff and there was never a need for it. However, if you have interest in an old project of mine, don't hesitate to reach out! I'll probably be excited to give some pointers on usage and development at the very least.

    Here's a few old projects of mine that I was particularly proud of at the time, and, in hindsight, still am proud of, although they're no longer maintained.

    Tarballs of the source tree for each release of some of my projects can be easily obtained from the /pub directory of my web server, and some release folders also have a README that should contain documentation to build them. If you have enough interest in one of my projects, it would be a good idea to contact your software distribution's maintainers so they can add compiled builds to their software repositories, making it easier for you to install and use my software.

    More recent releases are provided with checksums and signatures. You can verify that the source tarballs published before January 17, 2022 haven't been corrupted or tampered with by using gpg --verify on the signature file. All tarballs published after January 17, 2022 are signed using OpenBSD signify(1) instead. The process is essentially the same: download my signify public key, and check it against the signature file and the tarball.

    If the verification succeeds, you can be absolutely certain that the source tarball you downloaded is valid and from me, Jordan Bancino. For this to work, you must have my public key imported to your local trust database. The best way to obtain my public key would be directly from me via some physical means such as a flash drive or floppy disk. However, if you are reaching this page in a way that you trust and believe to be secure, you can download my public keys directly:

    You can also contact me via Matrix, and I can send you my keys that way.


    I would love to receive your contributions. My preferred way of accepting them is via Matrix. You can checkout my public projects' CVS modules and then generate patch files for your changes. Basic steps for this might look something like this:

    $ cvs -d anoncvs@bancino.net:/cvs checkout -P Telodendria
    $ cd Telodendria
    $ vi README.txt # Make your changes
    $ cvs diff -uNp > your-changes.patch

    You can then send me the generated patch file over Matrix. If you'd prefer, you can also make changes against the source tarballs published at the link above. Just extract the tarball two different locations, make your changes in one, and then generate the patch files against the other. I include these directions because I understand that not everyone uses CVS, let alone just for my projects. I'm not opposed to Git or anything, but CVS is built into OpenBSD, so that's what I use.

    You can checkout each one of my public projects over SSH. Use this as the CVS root:


    There is no password on the anoncvs account. There is also no push access to anything in the anoncvs chroot. If you try pushing to any of the modules, it will fail and possibly even screw up your local copy. Just don't try to push, and generate patch files instead.

    My server's SSH fingerprint is:


    I don't have a frontend for my CVS repository just yet, but you can use rsync to list all of my public projects:

    $ rsync bancino.net::cvs


    If you're interested in receiving communications for my software projects, such as releases and important patches, you can join the public rooms on my Matrix homeserver. If you can't find a room, it's likely I haven't created it yet because nobody's expressed interest in it. Don't be shy, contact me for more information! If you want updates and changelogs for my software, I'd be more than happy to get a public Matrix room set up for that.

    © 2019-2023 Jordan Bancino. Last updated on Sunday, September 03, 2023 at 10:50:49 AM EDT.