Content Mirror

I host a content mirror containing any and all content that I find interesting or is otherwise important to me. It is periodically updated via cron scripts. This content is content that I find valuable enough that I don't want to lose. I know that the internet is a very volatile place; things change a lot and links break. For this reason, I want to have my own local copy of all this content.

The content is stored on my server in a rather rudimentary fashion. My scripts simply dump files into dedicated folders. I fully understand taht this is hard to search and index, but the reason I haven't gone through and sorted all this content out by hand is mainly because it is being updated constantly and I just don't have the time to keep up with it. My idea is just to store the raw data until I need it, then when I lose access to the original sources, I can go through my archive and sort things out.

Here are a few of the things I mirror:

  • Books: These are either books I was required to read, or find an interest in. Some of them live as physical copies on my bookshelf, but here you can find nice crispy PDFs.
  • POSIX.1-2017: I reference the POSIX standard a lot, so having a local copy is nice. This is the online, HTML version. You can also find a tar archive of it.
  • Project Gutenberg: Note that I only mirror the plain-text files to conserve space.
  • Blue Letter Bible CD-ROM: I extracted the contents of the disk they sent me and made it available on my web server so I don't have to download the files on every computer I wish to use it on. Also, nobody has a CD drive in their computer anymore.
  • Snowden Documents: I have all of the documents I could find that Edward Snowden leaked. I'd also highly recommend reading his book, Permanent Record.
  • APM Daily Downloads: Gigabytes of MP3s containing recordings of classical music in the public domain.
  • YouTube: I mirror a number of YouTube channels, mostly for the church organizations I am affiliated with.

If you see a technical problem with the content on this mirror, such as it being out of date or corrupt, please contact me and let me know so I can fix it.

You can browse the mirror at my mirror site, or download large portions of it with rsync. The rsync module is