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  • Rsync Daemon Configured

    May 30, 2022

    I have finally gotten around to configuring my rsync(1) daemon to serve some public modules. This is in an effort to make my publically-accessible files easier to mirror, because the more copies we have of something, the better off we'll be, especially in an age of censorship and the domination of big tech.

    rsync(1) doesn't have the most secure protocol (no encryption) but I figure that this is fine because all of the data is public anyway, and available via other unencrypted means as it is, so there's no real problem.

    Anyway, I currently have made the following modules available:

        [ports] The latest OpenBSD Ports tree. This is located at
        /usr/ports on my system, and is currently the OpenBSD 7.1
        tree. When I update my server to OpenBSD 7.2, then this
        will be the 7.2 ports tree.
        [ports-dist] All of the source distributions necessary to
        build the OpenBSD ports, in one place.  I ran `make fetch'
        on my ports tree, and dumped all of the tarballs into this
        module, so that I have them all in once place, and can build
        my ports offline. This is helpful in the event that any
        given port's distribution files become unavailable, due to
        the decentralized nature of the ports tree, and the fact
        that it pulls from all kinds of different sources, some of
        which might not always be trustworthy.
        [src] The latest OpenBSD source tree. This is located at
        /usr/src on my system, and is currently the OpenBSD 7.1
        release tree, possibly with some of my custom modifications
        mixed in; modifications that are running in production on
        my server.
        [site] My website. These are all the files served by my web
        server, including public releases of my software, but
        excluding the mirror.
        [mirror] Files that are mirrored from other services, such
        as YouTube, Project Gutenberg, and F-Droid. This module
        contains a mixture of all kinds of random stuff I've scraped
        from other sources, and it is very large. Since these are
        just things that I'm personally interested in, you may not
        want to download the whole thing. Poke around at /mirror
        to see what directories you want and don't want.
        [cvs] My public CVS repository. All my public CVS modules
        are available in this directory. If you want an actual
        working tree, use `cvs checkout' to checkout the appropriate
        modules instead. You can visit my homepage for details on

    I'm sure that over time, I'll add more modules, so you can always run rsync bancino.net:: to get a list of my modules, and a brief description of them, where hostname is obviously my server's hostname. I don't have all the popular stuff mirrored, but I have things that I think are important and worthy of keeping track of.

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